Providers, organizations and agencies interested in the field of afterschool look to OregonASK to answer questions and keep them informed about local, state and national issues and legislation that could have an impact on afterschool, children and youth and families in our communities. Our work is centered on educating policy makers and stakeholders, through research, tools, strategies, and partnerships with organizations throughout the state. We educate the community about ways that afterschool and summer programs keep kids safe, inspire learning and help working families.

Our policy work includes providing fact sheets, issues briefs, and gathering research about the impact and importance of expanded learning opportunities. We work directly with providers, public administrators, and elected officials to create policies that support the work of expanded learning partners, professionals, and youth throughout Oregon.

Afterschool & Summer Programs Support Families

Check out this 60 sec video that captures how Afterschool & Summer Programs Support Families. Make sure to share it with your partners and local champions!

STEM in Afterschool

Give this video a watch to learn about the many opportunities that STEM programs in afterschool can bring to all youth!

Girls in STEM!

View this quick PSA that describes the need for STEM programs for girls to improve the underrepresentation of women in STEM careers.

Presidential Transition Memo

In the spirit of shaping the path forward, Every Hour Counts has released the Every Hour Counts Presidential Transition Memorandum. This memo provides policy recommendations to support the Biden-Harris transition team in advancing high-quality afterschool programs that keep young people safe and healthy; increase academic engagement, achievement and career readiness; and offer innovative and enriching opportunities throughout the year.

We firmly believe that the afterschool field has a leading role to play in young people’s development, in the nation’s COVID-19 recovery, and in our country’s reckoning with racial justice.

Policy Change

OregonASK has been actively supporting policy change at several levels since our inception in 2005. One of the greatest ways that we continue to support policy change is by helping equip you as advocates to share critical information with key decision makers. Check out our Advocacy Toolkit to find out more about ways you can be active and important information you can use to share in your community. 

It is critical that our state employ innovative strategies in order to build back better as we support the positive growth of our communities, workforce and economy.

We believe that all students can achieve given the right opportunity. We recognize that our state’s diverse student populations cannot be solely and equitably educated through the methods found in traditional schooling and have needs requiring innovative strategies, alternative pathways, and expanded learning opportunities beyond the school door.

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