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Still Celebrating Lights On Afterschool

Register an event now to join in as we continue to illuminate the power of afterschool across the country! Check out the light bulb challenge or dance challenge, find out more about how you can leave the Lights On Afterschool. Click Here to see Governor Brown’s Proclamation.

In Honor and Memory of Ian Mouser, Thank You for all you did to inspire youth in Oregon.

Please watch the video “This Afterschool – Inspiring Student Dreams All Year Round MVM” to honor the memory and legacy of Ian Mouser, Founder and Executive Director of My Voice Music. 

The Evidence Base for Summer Research Enrichment and Comprehensive Afterschool is Powerful

Find out more about Dr Terry Peterson and Dr Deborah Vandell’s compilation of research providing a strong evidence base for investing in afterschool and summer. 

Afterschool in Oregon: Return on Investment

OregonASK Expanded Learning Partnership has documented 1,211 afterschool program sites around the state. This return on investment study uses existing research and Oregon-specific data to estimate the returns from a theoretical public investment to subsidize afterschool programs.

What We Do


We help programs find new local, state, and national partners, aligning our work to all those who have overlapping goals and increasing the efficiency and impact of our work.


We work directly with providers, public administrators, and elected officials to create policies supporting the work of afterschool programs, professionals, and youth in Oregon.

Professional Development

To advance the overall quality of afterschool and summer programs in Oregon, we provide direct training opportunities to hundreds of professionals each year. 

Our Mission is to support, expand, and educate on quality Afterschool and Summer Programs for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon

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