Making the Most of Summer in Oregon

Webinar from May 28th with National Summer Learning Association, Dr. Beth Tarasawa from Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), American Camp Association showcasing how summer can help in recovering together.

We are working hard to help to prepare for what this uncertain summer may look like and how you can continue to safely serve families and youth. We have provided opportunities for programs to connect with the Governor’s Office on Guidance for School Aged Day Camps, such as a Q & A session May 21 that you can watch the recording of online.

When Schools Are Closed SLIDEHow can parents best support, nurture and educate their children when schools are closed? 

While the widespread closure of schools, camps and summer programs makes sense from a public health standpoint, millions of parents are left feeling alone and overwhelmed. “When Schools Are Closed” is a new e-book that aims to provide parents with much needed guidance as well as 40 Digital Learning Kits for students in elementary and middle school. Written by the founder of the National Summer Learning Association, the book delivers immediate, practical advice to parents who are asking urgent questions about how best to support, nurture and educate their children during periods of social distancing and quarantine. Only $2.99 on Amazon.

Looking for Summer Activities for Your Program?

The Summer Activity Guides have been developed for the 50 State Afterschool Network with leadership from the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network to engage and support children and youth nationwide. These engaging and fun activities can be found here:

June 2020 Training Schedule

To view a list of all trainings with their descriptions go to our upcoming professional development page by clicking here.

2 Weeks Ready Emergency Preparedness Online Trainings

COVID-19 has hit many Oregon communities hard. It has closed down the Oregon Public School System, many business’s, and has sky rocketed stress levels of everyone. This pandemic has tested the field of child care and afterschool on the ability to bob and weave as new hurdles arise. As a field, we’ve found out that we need more supports to put systems in place to be ready for an emergency. In response, OregonASK will be hosting online trainings on being 2 Weeks Ready. Participants will receive a FREE hour of registry credit in the core knowledge category HSN.

See our full list of dates on our emergency preparedness page.

QY_nJcXgConnect Your Staff this Summer

Mizzen by Mott; developed with and for afterschool professionals, Mizzen offers engaging content from organizations like Jazz at Lincoln Center, California Academy of
Sciences, VentureLab and others. The app also includes Pro Tips, scheduling and communications tools to support programs. To make Mizzen more useful in this moment, the app team added new sets of activity playlists and multi-week modules that can work well in small groups or home settings. The enhanced content focuses on students’ well-being; SEL; and engagement in STEM, arts, literacy, entrepreneurship and youth voice.

With support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the app and all of its content are free to afterschool providers. Download the app now!

There has been a lot of information flying around about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). OregonASK’s top priority is keeping our staff and communities healthy and happy. To ensure the slow the spread of the virus, OregonASK is taking some precautions that include:

    • Working with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the virus
    • Providing continuous updates on the status of COVID-19 in Oregon through various media channels
    • Providing resources to continue to inform communities about the virus
    • Have staff work remotely

We will continue supporting our statewide partners as best we can through virtual meetings and trainings. If you have questions or thoughts please contact us at For additional information and resources on COVID-19 and OregonASK’s response click here

Check out all of our Afterschool Quality Program Videos and our Working Together video that helps tell the story of why we are in this together!

OregonASK is working to build awareness and shared language around quality expanded learning. We are working with partners around the state to demonstrate the work being done to build more opportunities for youth across the state. If you are interested in learning more about our Quest for Quality Afterschool Campaign and videos documenting quality afterschool across Oregon, check them out HERE or learn more about how we define the components of Quality in Afterschool & Summer Learning.

What do you know about OregonASK’s partners?

OregonASK is built on partnership- from the local to national networks we are members of- we know that collaboration and connection are the basis of community and the best way to support children. Learn more about OregonASK’s partners on our partners page– including how you can get involved!

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