The State of Access & Equity of Afterschool in Oregon Report


It is finally here, the full report summarizing the last 2 years of work on our Afterschool Access & Equity Research project. The full report can be found HERE or take a look at the one page summary of benefits and barriers noted by programs, parents and youth throughout Oregon. OregonASK was excited to be down in Salem today sharing this valuable data with legislators in hopes of recognizing what a key role expanded learning plays within the systems and supports for education, youth, and families.

If you were not able to join in person, you can still help amplify our voices by making an appointment to meet with your legislators in your district, send a letter/email, or even invite them to visit your program. Find more resources here or reach out to contact OregonASK staff  with questions. You can find out more about theAccess & Equity research project here or contact us at for specific results questions.

Our newest Afterschool Quality Video thanks to BEST Afterschool Program of Eugene School District

Building Foundations with School & Community Partnerships

Thank you to everyone who is Working Together to support quality afterschool and summer learning opportunities!

Working Together to support expanded learning opportunities, youth, and families

Click Here for more information and resources from our 2019 Oregon Afterschool Conference. OregonASK is working to build awareness and shared language around quality expanded learning. We are working with partners around the state to demonstrate the work being done to build more opportunities for youth across the state. If you are interested in learning more about our Quest for Quality Afterschool Campaign and videos documenting quality afterschool across Oregon, check them out HERE or learn more about how we define the components of Quality in Afterschool & Summer Learning.

Afterschool Access & Equity Survey

STC Ideas for project 1In response to a growing need, and as part of our Opportunity Grant, OregonASK set out to collect information from across the state that would help identify barriers to accessing afterschool programs as well as equitable practices within the field. We have been collecting data about the world of afterschool in Oregon for over a decade and know the importance of hearing from the field, parents, and youth about the challenges faced every day. This survey collection started in spring of 2018, followed by focus  groups throughout the fall and spring 2019, in hopes of identifying where gaps in service may exist to be able to effectively advocate for more funding and resources to support quality expanded learning opportunities for all youth in Oregon.


Out-of-School Time Tools for Partnering to build SEL within and beyond the school day

If you are looking for resources to build your Social-Emotional learning strategies and partnerships, make sure to check out some of these provided by CASEL Schoolwide Guide to SEL. Resources provided include categories on building awareness & ownership, creating a plan, strengthening adult SEL, supporting student SEL, and incorporating within continuous improvement process.

Looking for something else? Check out more of the research and reports outlining exemplary practices and Oregon’s landscape HERE.

What do you know about OregonASK’s partners?

OregonASK is built on partnership- from the local to national networks we are members of- we know that collaboration and connection are the basis of community and the best way to support children. Learn more about OregonASK’s partners on our partners page– including how you can get involved!

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