Expanded Learning Programs Support Youth Without Access to Resources

For decades, summer camps and enrichment opportunities have been accessible for those with means, research shows that high-income families spend nearly $8,000 more per year on education & enrichment than low-income families, creating continued inequity for youth and families. CLICK HERE to see what programs shared about the deep impact their youth, families and programs would feel immediately if there was no funding available for summer 2023. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us 'Bee Connected' at BB Camp this May!

OregonASK was thrilled to gather for in-person conference a truly beautiful and relaxing venue on the Oregon Coast this May. The conference included guest presenters from across the country, sunshine, and time to enjoy with peers from around Oregon! 

The Future of Afterschool & Summer in Oregon

Oregon has the unprecedented opportunity to ensure EVERY YOUTH who wants to attend an afterschool and summer program in Oregon has the opportunity to do so by expanding access to well-rounded enrichment opportunities that support the whole child.  Read more about the shared vision for expanding access to summer and afterschool HERE 

Powerful Professionals in Afterschool

Thank you to everyone who was able to help celebrate Afterschool Professionals Appreciation week in April! We are so excited to recognize some of the amazing professionals working across Oregon who encourage, equip, engage and excite youth of all ages. 

What We Do


We help programs find new local, state, and national partners, aligning our work to all those who have overlapping goals and increasing the efficiency and impact of our work.


We work directly with providers, public administrators, and elected officials to create policies supporting the work of afterschool programs, professionals, and youth in Oregon.

Professional Development

To advance the overall quality of afterschool and summer programs in Oregon, we provide direct training opportunities to hundreds of professionals each year. 

Our Mission is to support, expand, and educate on quality Afterschool and Summer Programs for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon

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