Health, Wellness, and Safety

OregonASK understands the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for youth is key for quality programs. Since our first Health and Wellness VISTA joined the team in 2015, we have been actively providing evidence-based resources and developing useful tools that build afterschool programs capacity for qualitative and sustainable practices. Through collaboration with OregonASK partners, we’ve focused on improving the safety, physical and mental health of Oregon’s youth that has led to the development of a Summer Meals Activity Guide, a Get Fit and Healthy Toolkit, H/W Project Profile, and our Summer Report. For more information on our current health projects, contact

Summer Meal Sites

SummerMealsLogo_UPDATED (1)With the weather warming up, kids are excited for Summer Break and Summer Meals sites are gearing up to serve hungry kids all over Oregon! Take a look at Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon’s interactive map that shows where all the meals sites will be this summer! If you’re a food site wondering how to increase more kids at your site check out Partners for a Hunger Free Oregons Site for fun and engaging ideas!

Start the Year right by taking care of your Health!

We hope everyone is able to enjoy some rest and rejuvenation during this winter season. If you have been or are anticipating added stressors in your life, take a few minutes to watch one of these TED Talks on health or well being. We hope you are able to take a break from the busy and make time for yourself or take a look at some of these other self-care resources.  


You may also want to join our first training of our Leadership in Afterschool series on Emotional Intelligence. This two hour training will explore skills associated with emotional intelligence and how our skills as adults impact the students in our program. You can Register Now for $30 or ask about scholarships for licensed care providers.

Oregon ArcGIS Map of Health/Wellness Services

Curious about what health and wellness services are available in your immediate area? OregonASK has developed a map of services across Oregon with details each point. Follow this link to view it. 

Tip sheets from OregonASK

The following tip sheets are for Afterschool professionals and families trying to lead healthier lives. These fun print outs don’t require you to buy any expensive fitness club or go on a crazy diet, just simple and small steps towards healthier lifestyles.

Tricks to Healthier Living

National Afterschool Alliance Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) Standards 2.0

Take a look at this free resource that outlines best practices in a variety of standards, including content, curriculum, staff training and social support.

Resources from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Healthy OST Bingo– Use this Bingo sheet as a checklist to work your way to a healthier afterschool site!

Smart Foods Planner Go here to see the multiple resources that can help provide ideas for healthy menu planning, recipes, and reimbursable snack products for your program.

Amazon Business – Shop for your out of school time programs snacks with Healthier Generation store on Amazon Business. This saves time, closes the healthy snack gap and makes it easy to meet the National Afterschool Association Health Eating Standards in your program.

Physical Activity Roadmap-  This tool provides a set of best practices, tips, and recommended resources for physical activity in the afterschool setting.

Fit Sticks- A fun fitness activity that allows your program to be creative and stay on a budget.

Get a Jump On Summer- Great ways to have a healthy kick off to summer while transitioning from an afterschool program to a summer site.

Undeniably Dairy Virtual Field Trip

Take a virtual field trip at a dairy farm. Students went behind-the-scenes of a modern dairy farm to meet the team members and people responsible for keeping cows comfortable. If you missed it, don’t worry the farmers, veterinarians, nutritionists and cows are waiting for you to view the virtual field trip NOW on-demand! Students will explore dairy’s journey from the farm to the fridge, all the while learning about the technology and problem-solving techniques that make dairy farming possible. You won’t want to miss this “udderly” fantastic virtual field trip!

Click here for a moo perspective on milk!

Taking Care of Afterschooladult-child-hands-holiding-red-heart-health-care-love-give-hope-family-concept_49149-13 (1)

Many organizations are raising awareness on the importance of heart health and providing tips and tools on their websites. We encourage our hardworking partners to help us raise awareness on heart health and check out resources like:

Content, Curricula and Potential Partners

SPARK After School Program targets all out-of-school physical activity programs with the philosophy: Include ALL youth, actively engage ALL youth, and instill the love of lifelong movement in ALL youth. Years of research and extensive field-testing throughout the country has shown SPARK After School to be effective for children and adolescents ages 5-14.

Playworks believe recess and play can unlock our kids’ superpowers. Our approach connects recess to a positive school experience. Find out more about Playworks Pacific Northwest and how they can help support youth in your program.

Health & Wellness Toolkit
OregonASK and its partners have collaborated to create a Health and Wellness Toolkit. These tools support afterschool programs in providing health and wellness education, activities and opportunities to their students. Click here to check out the Health and Wellness Toolkit for yourself!

Get connected with the Oregon Dairy Council, a nutrition education organization with funding proudly provided by Oregon dairy farm families.

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon envisions “an Oregon where everyone is healthy and thriving, with access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. To
bring that vision into reality, (they) raise awareness about hunger, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes that end hunger before it begins.”

Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations and individuals working collectively to promote policies and programs that will reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning. Their goal is to build supportive funding, leadership and policies on the connections between health and education in order to keep kids safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

Take a look through the Food Research and Action Center’s  Afterschool Nutrition Programs  or Summer Nutrition Program  pages to get inspired and utilize toolkits already assembled.

National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care includes information on state regulations for child care centers, plus extensive links on specific health and safety issues.

Check out A Nurse’s Guide to First Aid Tips from Regis to learn some of the typical applications of first aid, including CPR, care for common injuries, and how to build a first aid kit.

Have your kids been getting enough play time? This fantastic infographic highlights the importance of getting Your Play On, everyday, especially in the summer months.

A New Collaboration with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Out-of-school time providers play an important role in shaping the health of the next generation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is dedicated to supporting the staff, families, and youth at sites around the county in their efforts to help young people make healthy life choices. In 2014, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has announced national collaborations with Boys & Girls Club of America and National Recreation and Park Association—providing their staff the process, tools and resources needed to increase access to healthier foods and physical activity and empower the young people they serve to develop lifelong, healthy habits.

Building on this momentum, OregonASK is excited to announce a new collaboration with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to encourage before, after and summer programs across the state to utilize the Alliance’s Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework. Any out-of-school time provider can utilize the Alliance’s Healthy Out-of-School Time (HOST) Framework, a science-based framework that helps programs create environments where youth are encouraged to eat healthier and move more. The HOST Framework is built upon the National Afterschool Association Standards for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

The Alliance started piloting their work in out-of-school time in 2011, a natural expansion of their success already in the school environment—where they now support more than 20,000 schools across the United States. Working in eight communities, the Alliance currently supports more than 360 out-of-school time providers in their efforts to create healthier conditions. These new partnerships with BGCA and NRPA will now expand their reach to more than 5 million young people.

Learn more about how you can serve healthier foods, increase physical activity and engage young people in your health and wellness work. Visit