History, Mission, Vision

Founded in 2005, OregonASK is a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members which seek to address common issues and concerns across all expanded learning areas – child care, content specialists, recreation, education, and youth development. Some of our accomplishments in this time include:

  • Created the first database of afterschool programs in Oregon
  • Developed Quality Standards, Competencies and Outcomes
  • Provided support to Oregon’s 21st CCLC programs
  • Compiled and presented reports to legislators and policymakers to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding afterschool in Oregon
  • Plus a myriad of other projects and initiatives to advance the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of afterschool and summer programs in the state.

Our Mission

To support, expand, and educate on quality expanded learning opportunities for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon.

Our Vision

All Oregon children, youth and families will have access to quality expanded learning opportunities within their communities. All services will enhance children’s positive development, and future opportunities while keeping them safe from harm. All programs, services and activities will be of high quality and contribute to strong communities and schools.

OregonASK supports creating more high-quality expanded learning opportunities through connecting partners, supporting policy change, and providing professional development.


OregonASK connects partners with other professionals from around the state. Such partners include government agencies, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations. We help programs find new local, state, and national partners, aligning our work to all those who have overlapping goals and increasing the efficiency and impact of our work.


Providers, organizations, and agencies interested in the field of afterschool look to OregonASK to answer questions and keep informed about local, state, and national issues and legislation impacting afterschool, children and youth, and families in our communities. Our work is centered on educating policy makers and organizations on the importance of afterschool and summer programs through research, tools, strategies, and partnerships with organizations throughout the state. We work directly with providers, public administrators, and elected officials to create policies supporting the work of afterschool programs, professionals, and youth in Oregon.

Professional Development

To advance the overall quality of afterschool and summer programs in Oregon, we provide direct training opportunities to hundreds of professionals each year. Our annual conference draws hundreds of participants from around the state, and we also provide individual training to programs throughout the year.

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