Emergency Preparedness

2 Weeks Ready

In a coordinated effort, we have the opportunity to create and identify various resources that would benefit Oregon Child Care Reference and Referral (CCR&R) agencies, raise awareness of the importance of being two weeks ready in natural or man-made emergencies, and connect community resources to early child care and school-age programs over the next two years. As the statewide afterschool network whose mission is to support, expand and educate on quality expanded learning opportunities for children youth and families throughout the state, OregonASK is excited to be part of this work to ensure school-age and community partners are authentically engaged in this process.

Oregon is frequently void of most natural disasters, but the reality of how communities nationwide are being impacted has demonstrated that we must be more prepared. Many licensed child care centers and afterschool programs are under-resourced and unprepared for a natural or man-made disaster and we want to help communities prepare to minimize the chaos that ensues after any type of emergency.

Our long term goals in this emergency preparedness campaign include making sure all child care centers have adequate resources and systems in place to address emergencies, while also helping broader communities feel enabled to leverage necessary resources when emergencies do occur.

2 Weeks Ready Report

Over the last two years OregonASK set out to understand the state of emergency preparedness among child care and out-of-school time staff in Oregon. We are pleased to present the findings and recommendations in the Final 2 Weeks Ready Report and Executive Summary.

The report contains direct quotes from providers in the field explaining their own programmatic strengths and barriers to emergency management as well as data collected from Child Care Resources and Referral (CCR&R) Agencies and Early Learning Hub (ELH) Directors. The recommendations were informed by feedback from the 2 Weeks Ready workgroup that helped aid in the development of this report.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Take a few minutes to watch this Portland-based TedTalk on “Why We Do Not Prepare For Earthquakes” by Steven Eberlein. Steven, who has started Tipping Point Resilience, illustrates emergency preparedness in a Pacific Northwest as something akin to camping. Click here to watch the ten minute TedTalk.

Downloadable/Printable Resources

OregonASK has been working to identify various resources that would help programs become more prepared in case of natural or manmade disasters. Below are materials that provide useful quick tips, sample forms that can be utilized as a template, and background information on Oregon child care plans/rules.

Continuity Planning Resources

Oregon Office of Emergency Management

2 Weeks Ready Kickoff Webinar

If you weren’t able to attend the live version of the 2 Weeks Ready Kickoff Webinar, watch the recording down below!

The webinar covers:

  • Who OregonASK is in the campaign
  • Key partners
  • Goals of the campaign
  • A tentative timeline of the next two years.

(Webinar audio starts at 2:25 and again at 5:03 to allow participants who attended plenty of time to get logged on and settled.)

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