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2023 Training Opportunities
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Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis series

Building Relationships, Belonging and Safe Structure Series

Starting February 16th, weekly from 10am-12pm

Register Here for the whole series for only $60

Join this three-part series with PEAR, offering solutions for educators and opportunities to discuss challenges. Participants are invited to reimagine what belonging could look like for their program environments, to explore the role of identity and culture in building belonging, and to plan for the year ahead in concrete ways.

Leveraging Developmental Resilience in the Face of Adversity Series 

Starting March 9th, weekly from 10am-12pm

Register Here for the whole series for only $80

Join this four-part series with PEAR exploring youth resilience. Youth are facing their own challenges in addition to the stresses of the pandemic, racial injustice, political unrest, and climate crisis. This series looks at the ways we can help ourselves and youth respond to difficulties and grow as a result. Participants will learn how to use a youth development framework to support students in dealing with hardship and building new skills.

Arts Now: Process-Based Art in Afterschool

Asynchronous Coming Soon! 

OregonASK and the Salem Arts Association have begun a state-wide arts initiative called Arts Now that will bring art to children, youth, and adults all across Oregon! 

Arts Now combines Process-Based Art, Social and Emotional Learning, and Youth-Lead learning to make programming fun and easy for facilitators, directors, and everyone involved.

By signing up for this training, you’ll be signing up for our third Arts Now Cohort. Joining an Arts Now Cohort will give you access to PRYSM Arts curriculum and strategies for implementing process based, exciting, and meaningful afterschool artistic experiences that will change the way we look at informal learning!

Possible Futures Career Awareness

Designed for 6th through 10th grade students, Possible Futures helps students set the stage for career connected exploration and discovery to come, building employability skills and identifying personal strengths. The learner-centered, research-based, and developmentally appropriate curriculum is includes a series of lessons focused on exploring skills and interests through a lens to the future. 6-12 lesson units are available in a variety of focus areas, including Belonging, Growth Mindset, and Communication. Contact if interested in accessing curriculum or training.

CoLab: Collaborative Service through Art

As part of a National Youth Leadership Council Service Learning grant, OregonASK will be utilizing our Process-based Arts in Afterschool curriculum (Prysm) for programs interested in utilizing art as a tool to support service learning in your community. Read more about our Collaborative Service through the Arts (CoLab) HERE

CoLab gives youth the power to work collaboratively and creatively while developing their unique voices in afterschool. Use Collaborative Service through the Arts curriculum to guide youth in your program to brainstorm a community need, collaborate with an Oregon arts organization to design an arts-based response, make a plan, complete the service, reflect and exhibit the project. This project will provide art exploration, as well as culturally responsive, and youth-centered engagement strategies.

Contact if interested in joining this summer.

Spring Conference at Camp this April: Date Coming soon!

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