Afterschool Commitment to Quality Campaign

Quality is at the center of everything we do, and we work to ensure all afterschool programs are rooted in best practices. Our Commitment to Quality Campaign initiative highlights the benefits of afterschool and summer programs, building a network of providers, partners, stakeholders, local leaders, and legislators supporting our collaborative work.

To accompany visual campaign pieces (videos, graphics, etc), OregonASK aims to support programs by providing materials/templates that can be used to help share the message to parents, partners and community members. Now, more than ever, afterschool and summer programs must share their story and impact to continue supporting the most underserved children in our communities.

Our Quality Campaign work recognizes five main focus areas that have been identified as components of quality:

Inspiring Student Dreams

Programs spark interest so students have a greater chance to realize their full potential, attend school more often, and are more likely to graduate college and become career ready.

Supporting Professional Development

Providing Professional Development is essential to enhancing program quality and implementing relevant youth development practices through engaging expanded learning opportunities.

Increasing School & Community Partnerships

Effective programs involve community partners to support locally-driven solutions, get students ready for college or career, and strengthen relationships with local industry.

Building Systems & Structures

Afterschool programs are shaped by community need and provide opportunities to help all students thrive in school and in life. Students in afterschool programs show more interest in learning, behave better, complete their homework assignments, and have help building the skills employers need.

Engaging Parents & Families

Afterschool programs help build safer, stronger, and smarter communities, keeping youth safe and helping families balance work and life.

Check out our complete video series!

Be sure to visit our Youtube page for a complete playlist of all the videos in our Quality Campaign series. 

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