Advocating for Expanding learning

It's the job of policy makers to represent you – the constituents who voted them into office. Therefore your opinion on issues is extremely important to them.

Expanding Afterschool & Summer in Oregon

Sharing your voice and the experience of youth in your program is a vital part of building program sustainability and being able to gather the necessary support to keep opportunities going. If you are looking for ways to reach out to your local decision makers, feel free to reach out. 

Advocating for Thriving Youth in Oregon, January 23rd

Our Children Oregon and Oregon Afterschool & Summer for Kids (OregonASK) cohosted a webinar on elevating and aligning efforts that support Thriving Youth in Oregon. 

View Advocating for Thriving Youth 2024 SLIDES from the webinar and explore more about this Portrait of a Thriving Youth research. You can also reference this Future of Afterschool and Summer Vision document for additional information and these Expanding Access Talking Points that reference national and state data that can be shared with community members and decision makers. 

Expanding Afterschool & Summer Experiences Collaborative

OregonASK has continued working alongside summer and afterschool advocates in an effort to Expand Afterschool & Summer Experiences (EASE). To read more about the background, vision and strategies designed by all collaborative members, view THESE SLIDES. This fall, EASE members heard from Erik Peterson of the Afterschool Alliance about how other states have made investments in afterschool and summer, including granting funds directly to CBO’s. You can find the slides HERE. 

May 2023, OregonASK compiled a brief survey shared with recipients of Oregon Community Summer Grants to understand and collect data about the impact we would see if there was no funding to support summer 2023 programming in Oregon. You can see the Summary HERE on our Summer Without Fun(ding) and this 2023 Fall UPDATE.

OregonASK has also worked alongside agency and advocate partners to create a brief overview on Summer 2023 Needs to ensure our most underserved and historically marginalized communities have the support they need to help youth and families thrive. 

You may also be interested in the April 2023 update OregonASK sent on Summer Funding that includes resources and guidance to take action in support of summer funding.

Annual Advocacy Opportunities

Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with resources and even step­-by-­step processes for connecting with your elected officials and advocating effectively for your program. Elected officials represent the voice of the community especially when they make policy decisions that affect afterschool and summer learning.

Likewise, after school programs provide valuable resources and connections to parents, youth, schools and the communities they serve. Afterschool providers can become strong advocates for expanding and sustaining the many services their programs provide children, families and the community. Visit our Advocacy Toolkit to find out more about advocating for expanded learning opportunities.

Connecting to Regional or Local Partners

One of the most important parts of advocacy is building partnership and understanding opportunities for connecting locally. Currently, Integrated Guidance efforts being done by districts and regional education service district includes community engagement and strategic planning that supports the most underserved populations. 

You can find the full list of region contacts and Oregon Department of Education liaisons found HERE.

Policy Change

OregonASK has been actively supporting policy change at several levels since our inception in 2005. One of the greatest ways that we continue to support policy change is by helping equip you as advocates to share critical information with key decision makers. Find out more about ways you can be active and important information you can use to share in your community.

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