Expanded Learning Toolkits

OregonASK is here to help make your work with youth and families as easy as possible. Our hope is that these resources will help equip you with the necessary resources to provide structured, educational, and enrichment opportunities for students.

Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with resources and even step­-by-­step processes for connecting with your elected officials and advocacting effectively for your program. Elected officials represent the voice of the community especially when they make policy decisions that effect afterschool and summer learning. Likewise, after school programs provide valuable resources and connections to parents, youth, schools and the communities they serve. Afterschool providers can become strong advocates for expanding and sustaining the many services their programs provide children, their families and the community. Visit our Advocacy Toolkit to find out more about advocating for expanded learning opportunities.

Expanded Learning Messaging Toolkit

This messaging toolkit is for organizations that use expanded learning to improve opportunities and outcomes for youth. It builds on a collaborative process conducted by Every Hour Counts partners and is available to organizations working in expanded learning, organizations that are building expanded-learning systems, and anyone else who wants to communicate clearly about this important work. The toolkit focuses on helping the field use clear, crisp, consistent language.

Program Management Toolkit

As an afterschool leader, you know all too well the many challenges involved in managing, organizing, and operating a high quality program. Providing fun and engaging activities for students that boost their academic performance and motivate them to keep attending your program is definitely a primary focus. But so is knowing how to effectively oversee daily operations, support your staff, and sustain strong relationships with stakeholders. Often it’s hard to find the resources and practices you can rely on to implement your goals. We have collected templates of frequently used documents to help provide you with some of these resources.