Our Reports & Research

OregonASK has produced a variety of research on afterschool and summer learning in Oregon. All of our reports are linked below.

To accompany many of our past research and reports, we have a recent series of policy briefs that can be shared with community members, state leaders, and partners across the state. Check out our Keep Kids Safe brief from March 2023 or find more information on our Policy page about other coordinated efforts. 

Afterschool in Oregon: Return on Investment

To date, OregonASK Expanded Learning Partnership has documented 1,211 afterschool program sites around the state. In recent years, it has become more and more difficult for families and youth to participate in afterschool programs. Perhaps the simplest solution is to create affordable, accessible afterschool opportunities through public funding or subsidization.

This return on investment study uses existing research and Oregon-specific data to estimate the returns from a theoretical public investment to subsidize afterschool programs.

Other Oregon-Specific Research

The Oregon-specific research linked below was produced by OregonASK partner organizations, often in collaboration with OregonASK.

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