Access & Equity

Afterschool Access & Equity Report

In 2014, the Afterschool Alliance found that there were 221,000 children in the state of Oregon who weren’t participating in afterschool programs, but would participate if one were available to them. This statistic poses the question: How can we, as a state, work towards ensuring that there are high-quality afterschool and summer programs available and accessible to all 221,000 of those children?

In early 2018, OregonASK embarked on a two-year exploratory data collection project to help answer this question. What we found is that youth from underserved communities face the most barriers to accessing afterschool programs, and yet demonstrate the most benefits from participation. Click on the link below to read our full report or you can view a summary of our findings here. 


As part of our Access & Equity Report, we identified 1,200 afterschool programs that were active in Oregon in December 2019. We plotted their locations on a GIS map to further explore underserved areas across the state. Check out several of the maps we’ve created using the link below.

Summer Learning 2021

During the Summer of 2021, we embarked on a similar Access & Equity project in regards to summer learning. Check out the link below for more information. 

Additional Resources

Achieving equitable outcomes in afterschool programs is an ongoing process. To help programs create inclusive environments, we’ve curated a list of resources that you can access here.

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