Wellness Activity Guide

Over the last year, kids of all ages have had to make significant adjustments to their daily lives, including partial or complete virtual schooling. Our mission is to support children, youth, and their families through expanded learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our Summer Learning Activities were developed to provide children and youth with enriching and engaging learning opportunities adaptable to both in person and virtual settings. We hope these activities can provide an opportunity for growth and connection in these uncertain times.

In 2020, OregonASK partnered with OHSU dietetic interns who aided in the research and resources around the development of these guides. These activities were created with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) lens in mind to help encourage students to look at their lives and community with curiosity. The summer activity guides span four themes: nutrition, physical activity, social/emotional health, and community/environment. Through the activities, we hope to help them learn how to form hypotheses and develop observational skills so they can explore their surroundings through each theme.

We aimed to develop these activities with equity in mind. All materials are low cost or no cost and we provided resources to aid in the completion of these activities as much as possible. Our goal was to make them as easily accessible as possible while remaining engaging and enriching. Each activity contains modifications so that they can be completed anywhere and by anyone. That said, some activities may need to be printed in advance in order to be completed away from a computer. Additionally, the activities contain expansions as an opportunity to delve further into the material.

Importantly, these activity guides are not based on school curriculum, but instead are meant to stand alone and can be completed in any order. They are also meant to help students apply their learning to fun and realistic activities that encourage them to explore the world around them.

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