Training Calendar

Inclusion Base Camp with Kat King

Inclusion Base Camp Cohort will provide an opportunity for the expanded learning program staff to build confidence and capacity to successfully and meaningfully include children and youth with disabilities or additional needs. In this cohort, we will create a cohesive vision of inclusion and behavior support, enhance our understanding of general behavior challenges, identify supports and resources available, explore inclusive best practices and necessary supports for youth with more complex inclusion needs using a strength-based approach, and dive into methods to foster positive family relationships and communication to support inclusion. Read FLYER HERE  for more information about how Participants will learn and discuss with peers in these 6 sessions:

  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Powerful Partnerships for an Inclusive Afterschool Program
  • Understanding the “Why” Behind Behavior
  • Respectful Accommodations
  • Creating Caring Spaces by Understanding Trauma
  • Designing Inclusive Expanded Learning Programs

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Equitable Practices in Afterschool - POSTPONED

This cohort will provide a deeper dive into language, assumptions, and practices that can reinforce a welcoming, inclusive environment for youth and families. We will explore together the meaning of key concepts and strategies in order to reinforce positive connections with youth, families, and our communities as a whole. The 6 sessions include:

  • Introduction to Equity, Diversity, Race and Inclusion in Afterschool
  • Looking at Inequitable Systems in the Educational System
  • Practicing Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence in Afterschool 
  • Building Stronger Relationships with Youth and Families in Afterschool
  • Asset-Based Approach to Culturally Sustaining Instruction in Afterschool
  • Assessing and Transforming your Afterschool Program

Find out more about the Equitable Practices sessions HERE. Keep an eye out for these trainings at our Spring Symposiums this April. Contact with questions

Career Exploration with Possible Futures

Join partners around Oregon using Possible Futures curriculum this year with middle and high school youth. Designed for 6th through 10th grade students, Possible Futures helps students set the stage for career connected exploration and discovery to come, building employability skills and identifying personal strengths. OregonASK has customized two introductory series’ with 12 lessons each, focused on preparing and equipping youth with 21st century skills. 

We will be working with programs supporting online and in-person opportunities this fall and winter, with the option to shift either direction when needed. Reach out if you are interested in joining our Possible Future Cohort this year. Training and cohort calls will begin later this fall.

Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guides

The Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guide includes 40 activities intentionally designed to teach students the science behind COVID-19 and help foster greater social awareness and empathy. You can also find Summer (2020) Activity Guides  HERE that include hundreds of activities and companion resources such as staff and family handbooks.