STEM Mentors Toolkit

The STEM Mentoring Toolkit is a manual to help programs and organizations engage, train, and sustain STEM volunteer and mentor relationships with STEM professionals.

The toolkit is an outline of best practices for STEM volunteers and mentors and school program staff. It will also include example documents such as a memorandum of understanding for outlining expectations, and a glossary of useful terms. We hope that this toolkit will also enable us to create accessible training for STEM volunteers and mentors and school or afterschool staff.

The vision for the toolkit is that it be focused on:

  • In-school or after school programs’ use
  • STEM Volunteers/Mentors spending time with student Groups engaged in STEM learning
  • An academic “doing” (event, presentation, activity…) that closes the mentee/mentor relationship for positive STEM identity development.

The toolkit was assembled by OregonASK and its partners based on the feedback and resources provided by our STEM Mentoring Committee. The purpose of the STEM Mentoring Committee was to consider what kinds of information would be included that could be useful for STEM mentors, educators and administrators in building positive mentor/student group relationships.

  • What would help communication between school programs and STEM professionals?
  • How can successful STEM mentor programs be implemented smoothly in school and after school?