Service To Careers

This youth voice led curriculum is meant for middle school aged youth, and has been  developed by OregonASK as a ten week/session curriculum for out-of-school time programs to create a Service to Careers Club. We have also added a focus on Health Pathways – read more on our Health Service to Careers Project Profile.

Contact OregonASK at for interest in attending an online training to get your Service to Careers started.

Youth who participate in these service learning focused projects will have the opportunity to develop workforce skills in a number of ways. This youth voice based project creates an organic connection to health careers while fostering leadership and communication experience. 

 Youth brainstorm and implement projects that benefit their community (whether that be a class, school, neighborhood, or city) and have an opportunity to work towards a solution based on feedback from workforce and community partners. Workforce and other career experienced partners consult on projects to provide insight on local industry or government outreach and impacts that help inform youth action. This project design was created to facilitate the development of key employability skills such as:

  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Analysis
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Self-Awareness
  • Digital Fluency
  • Social Diversity

Woodburn, Sandy, and Lincoln County are some of the Oregon communities who participated with OregonASK Service to Career programs.

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