Research Updates

Resource Links

  • If you are a rural program interested in extending your musical enrichment opportunities, check out Ethos Rural Outreach Program to how your community could be enhanced with music

  • The Rural Assistance Center can be used to find funding opportunities specifically aimed at rural communities. Check out their online grants page for links to Oregon rural funding optioins.

  • Check out some of the community resources and connections that OSU has put together with their Rural Studies of Oregon Program

Oregon Models

  • The Falls City FACES program serves nearly 90 students in the western Willamette Valley. FACES works with school administration to offer extended academic tutoring for K-8 students, credit and work experience for high school students working in the program, and no school Fridays for field trip and career exploration that most students would otherwise never have. Falls City has utilized 21st CCLC funding and a local levy to continue supporting out of school time programs that enriches and serves the community as whole. For more information about the program or model, visit their website here.

  • Wheeler County Community Schools was created thanks to a Oregon Community Foundation Grant to serve multiple schools in the Central Oregon county of 1400 residents. Wheeler County Community Schools partner with local volunteers and organizations to offer enrichment opportunities throughout the year that engage youth and community members in hopes of building stronger communities of support. Check out their Facebook page here.

  • Lincoln County created the Youth Development Coalition of Lincoln County  in 2003 and reported 12 members serving  over 700 youth in 2010. The Coalition has depended on multiple grant opportunities and the collaboration of many organizations to build and sustain services in their low income, rural communities. Check out this profile or their website for more info.