About Us

OregonASK is a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members which seek to address common-issues and concerns across all expanded learning areas- child care, recreation, education and youth development.

OUR MISSION: To support, expand, and educate on quality expanded learning opportunities for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon.

OUR VISION: All Oregon children, youth and families will have access to quality expanded learning opportunities within their communities. All services will enhance children’s positive development, and future opportunities while keeping them safe from harm. All programs, services and activities will be of high quality and contribute to strong communities and schools.

WHAT WE DO: OregonASK supports creating more quality expanded learning opportunities through connecting partners, supporting policy change, and providing professional development. We provide training and resources to education and community organizations to equip them with structured, educational, and enrichment opportunities for students. These organizations provide services to students before school, after school, on weekends, during school breaks, and during summer vacation – any time the students are out of the regular school day.


OregonASK works to support & increase quality expanded learning opportunities that inspire learning, keep kids safe, help working families, and support whole-child development and wellness. We know that:

  • 45% of Oregon’s children live in low-income families, as defined by household income at or below 200% of poverty level.
  • 15% (or 229,050 families) of Oregon’s families are considered food insecure.
  • Underrepresented students have disproportionate representation among Oregon’s high school dropout rate.


As the statewide afterschool network, OregonASK provides support through Coaching & Consultation, Training, Evaluation, Resources, and Connection. We partner directly with over 60 organizations and engages hundreds of members across the state, from five primary sectors of afterschool & summer providers:

  • YOUTH DEVELOPMENT | 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs, Scouts, Camp Fire and other youth leadership programs
  • RECREATION | Park & Recreation, Community Groups, and other non-profit organizations.
  • EDUCATION | Educational Organizations, Afterschool Programs, Schools, and School Districts.
  • CONTENT SPECIALISTS | Programs/Individuals specializing in specific fields of study (eg. art, science, math, technology)
  • CHILD CARE | Licensed programs throughout the state providing learning opportunities to their children up to age 13.


OUR OPPORTUNITY: OregonASK recognizes that…

  • Over 91,000 children participate in afterschool programs in Oregon. However, 221,708 more children (44% of Oregon’s school-age children) would participate if an afterschool program were available in their community.
  • Students who participate in afterschool programs attend school more regularly, engage in fewer high-risk behaviors, and perform better academically.
  • 83% of Oregon parents support public funding for afterschool programs, while just 37% report receiving government assistance with the cost of afterschool.
  • More than half of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities. As a result, low-income youth are less likely to graduate from high school or enter college.

IMPACT: OregonASK is delighted that…

  • 93% of parents in Oregon with children attending afterschool are satisfied with their child’s afterschool program.
  • Hundreds of afterschool and summer staff from dozens of programs have received professional development training on high-quality, evidence-based curriculums from OregonASK.
  • Oregon has risen to be a Top Ten State in Afterschool, as determined by the Afterschool Alliance.
  • More than half of Oregon parents agree that afterschool programs excite children about learning.


Join us in supporting afterschool and summer programs in Oregon to provide equitable access to children and provide them a safe environment to expand their learning opportunities and achieve at a higher level.


Founded in 2005, with a grant from the C.S. Mott Foundation and match contributions from Oregon Employment Division – Child Care Division, OregonASK was created as a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members which sought to address common issues and concerns across all out-of-school time services – child care, recreation, education and youth development and content delivery programs.  In the ten years since, OregonASK has grown to over 35 organizations, and has developed partnerships across the state; created the first database of afterschool programs in Oregon; developed Quality Standards, Competencies and Outcomes; provided support to Oregon’s 21st CCLC programs; compiled reports to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding afterschool in Oregon; plus a myriad of other projects and initiatives to advance the quality, accessibility and sustainability of afterschool and summer programs in the state.

As the statewide network, OregonASK works to coordinate and lead efforts throughout the state, including:

  • Promotion of quality out-of-school time activities
  • Education of legislators regarding affordability, accessibility, safety, and quality
  • Advocacy for resources
  • Outreach to the private sector
  • Encouragement of true collaborative partnerships

To find out more about the work OregonASK is doing and our national affiliations, click here.