Oregon Registry education Awards

The Oregon Registry has Education Awards available to early learning and afterschool providers again!!

The Education Award payments are based on Oregon Registry Step achievements, and afterschool providers working at least 20 hours a week in licensed facilities with children under the age of 13 are eligible!

Payments are as follows:

  • Milestone 1 (Step 3-6): $125
  • Milestone 2 (Step 7-8.5): $175
  • Milestone 3 (Step 9 and above): $225


Most frequent questions and answers

Education Award payments are temporarily available for eligible individuals through June 30th, 2021, while limited funding is available. Education Award Eligibility Forms must be received complete by May 31th, 2021, to allow for processing of final payments by June 30th, 2021. Forms received after May 31st, 2021 will be denied.

You may qualify for an Education Award if you work at an Office of Child Care licensed facility or an Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) active facility at least 20 hours a week and you work with children under the age of 13 or supervise staff in that capacity.

Education Awards are based on Oregon Registry Steps. Individuals are may be eligible for only one Milestone award in a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

  • Milestone 1 (Step 3-6): $125
  • Milestone 2 (Step 7-8.5): $175
  • Milestone 3 (Step 9 and above): $225

The Education Award Eligibility Form can be found in the Oregon Registry Step Application

All information on the Education Award Eligibility Form is required. Incomplete forms will delay or disqualify individuals for payment. In the event of incomplete forms and/or PaymentWorks information, OCCD will communicate about additional information needed to complete processing of payment. Incomplete forms and/or PaymentWorks information will be denied if additional information is not submitted by May 31st, 2021.

Completed forms can be uploaded to myORO or mailed to Oregon Center for Career Development (OCCD).

Mailing Address:

Portland State University-OCCD

Attn: Oregon Registry Application

PO Box 751 Portland Oregon 97207-0751

PSU is now using a secure payment information system called PaymentWorks. Upon receipt of a completed Education Award Eligibility Form, eligible individuals will be sent an email invitation to create a PaymentWorks account. This account is required, as it is a secure method to obtain a valid tax ID (either an EIN or SSN) from a W-9 form. There is also an option for electronic (ACH) payment for an Education Award payment using banking account information.

The processing time is a total of 55+ business days:

  1. Education Award Eligibility Form Screening (45-business days) – Eligible individuals receive an email invitation to PaymentWorks. Ineligible individuals receive a denial email.
  2. PaymentWorks – Individual creates PaymentWorks account and provides W-9 information. Timeline depends on individual’s ability to provide information.
  3. Education Award Payment Processing (10-business days or more)
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