Asset-Based Mental Health Support Cohort

This 5 consecutive week series will provide time and space for afterschool professionals to explore and apply strategies from the breadth of mental health resources. The series will incorporate asset-based approaches from 40 Developmental Assets and Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) frameworks that emphasize strategies most applicable to afterschool & summer programs. 

This cohort model will encourage participants to share real life challenges as they deepen their understanding and participate in a space where they apply strategies and incorporate practices within organizational systems. Participants will examine how out-of-school time programs work to support students’ social-emotional health outcomes over the students’ lives, particularly incorporating culturally-responsive practices that recognize not everyone deals with Mental Health in the same ways.

Participants will gather strategies, knowledge, and feedback through guided application of knowledge from 5 themes of Asset-Based Mental Health:

Supporting Youth Mental Health in Out of School Time will explore how out-of-school time programs play a role in student mental health, how they support social-emotional health and how to address youth needs in your program.

HSN Set 2 on April 14th

Positive Community Connections will explore how community influences youth, examine factors of positive community connections and strategies on fostering positive youth relationships.

HGD Set 2 on April 21st

Empowering Youth Voice and Identity will examine how our actions positively impact youth voice and how strategies can be incorporated to increase youth voice in programs.

HGD Set 2 on April 28th

Supporting Youth through Family and Mentor Relationships will examine our own systems of support and will explore strategies on how to authentically include families through inclusive practices & policies.

FCS Set 2 on May 5th

Holistic Strategies to Support Healthy Youth will consider what holistic health means in terms of child health and development, strategies to support it and develop a plan to implement holistic strategies to support youth health in their programs.

HSN Set 3 on May 12th

Are you Eligible for Betty Gray Scholarship?

  • You work directly with children or supervise staff who work directly with children at least 20 hours a week in an Oregon Office of Child Care licensed facility (Registered Family, Certified Family, or Certified Center).
  • You are an Oregon Registry Step 1 or above. Applicants for this Scholarship will receive an automatic evaluation for an Oregon Registry Step 1 or 2 if you do not already have one.
      • Make sure to select Cohort in Section 2 of the application. 
  • After the Scholarship Program receives your application, they will notify you of the status of your application via email or mail within 6 business days.  If you are approved for cohort scholarship support, please send the enclosed voucher to OregonASK.  
  • We must receive your scholarship voucher/verification by April 9th so we can send you the invoice for the final $50

Check out our Mental Health Virtual Cohort Schedule

Most frequent questions and answers

First you will need to fill out a quick two-minute interest form for the cohort. Once that’s done, you’ll need to either A. apply for the Betty Grey Scholarship then register for the cohort or B. go straight to the OregonASK registration form for the cohort.

We are happy to have providers join in this cohort, however we do require them to be schoolage providers otherwise the content of the cohort will not be applicable to their work.

The Betty Grey Scholarship will cover $100 of the registration fee, participants who qualify for the scholarship will still need to pay the rest of the $50 to participate in the cohort.

If you qualify for the Betty Grey Scholarship, you will only be required to pay $50 for the 5-week cohort. However, if you don’t qualify for the scholarship then you will need to pay the full price to participate in the cohort.

Don’t worry! If you don’t qualify for the Betty Grey Scholarship, you can still register for the cohort but you will be responsible for the full cost of the training ($150)

Unfortunately at this time we don’t offer the cohort in other languages.

At this time the only financial assistance we are able to offer is the Betty Grey Scholarship.

Fantastic! Next you’ll need to find out if you are eligible for the Betty Grey Scholarship. If you are, you’ll need to go to the Oregon Registry’s website and apply through their portal. Once you’ve completed the scholarship application, the registry will process the application and send you an email on if you received scholarship funds or not. If you aren’t eligible for the scholarship, you can still register for the cohort however you will be responsible for the full cost of the training ($150).

Once you have finished registering and received a confirmation email of payment, the trainer will reach out to cohort participants with information on what to expect over the next five weeks.

We highly recommend attending all five live training sessions so participants will get as much out of the cohort as possible. However, we understand that life happens and some situations can’t always be avoided. Participants can miss one session of the cohort (however they will not receive any hours or credit for the session they missed) and will need to let the trainer know as soon as possible.

No, we are only able to give credit from the Oregon Registry through a live session. The only way a participant will earn credit is through actively participating in the live session.

The trainer of the cohort will send out weekly emails to all cohort participants about information needed for the training, changes, and updates.

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