Local & National Webinar Resources

Afterschool Programs: Important Partners in CTE Planning and Implementation
The newly reauthorized federal CTE law (Perkins V) offers increased opportunities for states, districts and afterschool programs to collaborate and help students find and complete meaningful career pathways. In this webinar, afterschool state leaders can learn more about the new CTE law, how to connect their work to the goals of Perkins V, and how to step into the planning process – hearing from other afterschool network leads and education partner, Advance CTE. Webinar Slide Deck, Beyond School Bells – ELO Video, and Afterschool Career Curriculum. Additional resources HERE.

Understanding Digital Leadership and Best Practices for Engaging Girls in Tech
Providing girls with the tools to be active creators of technological innovation is a growing priority in education across the country. In this webinar, a lead researcher from the Girl Scout Research Institute will present findings from their recently released report,Decoding the Digital Girl, exploring how girls are using their digital experiences to improve their lives, their communities, and the world. Also featured in the webinar, hear from a curriculum developer from Girls Who Code who will discuss the promising practices and strategies that their programs employ. Speakers from Girl Scouts of the USA, Girls Who Code and STEM Initiatives Director from Afterschool Alliance.

Exemplary Practices using Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources
The National Girls Collaborative Project is proud to be partnering with the NASA’s Universe of Learning, ‘Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA’ project. This webinar will explore the free NASA resources, along with accompanying exemplary practices. There will be time for Q&A with NASA’s Universe of Learning team to best support your program efforts with the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA materials.

Building Workforce Skills in Afterschool
Afterschool and summer programs across the country are helping to close the gap between the skills and competencies that students possess and the needs of employers.  Join the Afterschool Alliance for a conversation with Education Practice & Immersion for Credit, Sunrise of Philadelphia, and Minneapolis Beacons to discuss how their programs are helping students build fundamental skills for future success.

The Growing Out-of-School Time Field: Part 1 & Part 2
The Out-of-School Time (OST) field has come a long way over the past two decades, and the newly released book, The Growing Out-of-School-Time Field: Past, Present, and Future, delves into the ways in which the OST field has grown and matured as a partner in helping children and youth reach their full potential. In part one of two in this webinar series, hear from leading researchers in the OST field who wrote chapters in the book focused on the critical role the OST field has played to promote positive youth development over the years. In part 2, the webinar features leaders in the field discussing the roles of professional development and federal policy in the OST field, and what the future holds for the OST movement.

Tools, Ideas, and Strategies for Creative Computing in Afterschool
Wednesday, December 6th at 9AM PST
Providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to become creators of technology, not just consumers, is a growing priority for afterschool programs across the country. Many programs are building from the ground up and running into issues like finding the right curriculum or qualified staff teach computer science. Register Now

Navigating the Nutrition Standards in Out-of-School Time
Tuesday, October 17th from 7AM PST
Join the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to learn about finding the right snacks and beverages to serve at your program. At the end of the training participants will be able to 1) identify nutrition standards that may affect the foods and beverages sold and served in the OST setting, 2) identify the differences between the CACFP standards and the Smart Snacks in School standards, and 3) identify when is most appropriate to use which set of standards.

Commit to Health: Inclusive Out-of-School Time for Healthy Communities
Thursday, October 19th @ 11AM PST
As one of the largest providers of out-of-school time programming, how can we ensure that all youth, staff, and families feel included, welcomed, and have access to quality out-of-school time programs to engage in healthy eating, physical activity, and extended learning opportunities? Join the National Park and Recreation Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability to explore best practices for creating inclusive and welcoming out-of-school time programs at your park and recreation site.

Archived Webinars

Understanding and Responding to Incidents of Bias (Reprise)
Back by popular demand! Like schools and other community spaces, afterschool providers across the country have noticed an uptick in incidents of bias over the past year among students, parents, and even sometimes staff. This behavior might range from insensitive jokes and remarks, to hateful language or graffiti, to bullying and harassment. If one of these incidents happens in your program, how you respond is critical for maintaining the trust and respect of youth and their families. National experts like the Anti-Defamation League and Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, have been working on issues of bias and hate for decades. In this webinar, they’ll share what they’ve learned and their resources for educators. Join us for a conversation about this very important topic! Watch HERE

Celebrating Día de los Muertos with the Smithsonian Latino Center
November 2016
The NGCP is partnering with the Smithsonian Latino Center to celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).Día de los Muertos is a day of celebration for the people of Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Central America, and more recently for Mexican Americans. Rather than grieve over the loss of a beloved family or friend, those who celebrate Dia de los Muertos choose to commemorate the lives of the dearly departed and welcome the return of their spirits. Join NGCP and the Smithsonian Latino Center (SLC) to learn about the history and customs of this holiday, using the SLC transmedia resources in your classroom or learning environment, and how to create your own Día de los Muertos collections! You’ll also hear from educators and experts about instructive practices and traditional festivities. Featured writer and scholar Xanath Caraza will even be reciting her new poem honoring Mictecacíhuatl/La Catrina.

Measuring the Impact of STEM Learning in Afterschool
November 2016
How can we understand and measure the true impact of afterschool STEM experiences? What role do such programs play in the larger STEM learning ecosystem to strengthen young people’s learning and development outcomes in STEM? In this webinar we will hear about three innovative efforts —Connected Learning, Activated Learner, and Longitudinal— that are studying how learning, including STEM learning, develops across time and space, and how afterschool programs contribute to that process.

What Reviewers Want: Insights on the Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award
November 2016
For two consecutive years, the Afterschool Alliance has overseen the review process for the Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award, receiving and carefully reading hundreds of applications and working closely with past award winners. They want to share insights and lessons gained from previous review processes with those of you who are interested in nominating a program. This includes tips on how to make your nomination form shine and common critiques from people who have been involved in the review process. We will also answer questions from participants.

Other Afterschool STEM Webinar Resources

Strategic Financing for Tested, Effective Programs
October 2016
Moving to shared community priorities and tested, effective programs for child well-being requires a strategic financing approach to shift existing dollars to what works. This upcoming Annie E. Casey Foundation webinar features the Forum’s policy leaders, Thaddeus Ferber and Elizabeth Gaines, and will explore tools to help communities develop a “fund map” of existing dollars spent on young people. The session will also cover the steps required to develop a strategic financing plan.

Changing the Game for Girls in STEM
October 2016
Across the U.S. girls are growing up in cities and regions bustling with innovation, yet many do not consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) due to lack of encouragement and opportunity. Meanwhile, STEM jobs are growing at an unprecedented rate, and companies are scrambling to build diversity in their workforce. Closing the opportunity gap for girls, especially for girls of color, will open up a tremendous untapped pool of talent.

Techbridge is an award-winning national nonprofit devoted to inspiring girls to change the world through STEM. In April of 2016, in partnership with Chevron, Techbridge released a white paper entitled Changing the Game for Girls in STEM: Findings on High Impact Programs and System-Building Strategies. This webinar will highlight key findings and will provide an opportunity for participant discussion.

NGCP: Lessons Learned for Effective Evaluation of Girl-Serving CS Programming
September 2016
Participants will hear from girl-serving programs about what they learned from participating in the Computer Science Outreach Program Evaluation Network (CS OPEN) led by Google and NGCP. Participants will learn about the twelve computer science programs focused on serving girls that engaged in a year-long community of learning and left with both theoretical and practical skills. This informational webinar will focus on exemplary practices in non-profit program surveying and evaluation. Featuring Oregon State University Director of STEM Academy, Catherine Law, Ph.D.

Use New Digital Tools from ARTHUR to Help Promote Prosocial Skills and Reduce Bullying
September 2016
Members of WGBH– Boston’s public broadcaster and the producers of the award-winning ARTHUR series–will introduce you to the Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project–a new initiative aimed at helping young children build their social, emotional, and character skills and attitudes. AIM Buddy Project leverages the power of Arthur, interactive comics and games, and a cross-age buddy framework to encourage children to explore and talk about five topics that help lay the foundation for character development: empathy, honesty, forgiveness, collaborative learning. Learn how the AIM Buddy Project online comics and games, activities, cross-age buddy framework, and other resources can be used in afterschool and out-of-school-time programs to reinforce the “anytime, anywhere learning,” bridge the technology gap, reinforce conventional classroom learning, and extend social and emotional learning beyond the conventional classroom.

Developing High-Quality STEM Experiences at Every Age
September 2016
How do you create meaningful STEM experiences for students from elementary to middle to high school? In this webinar, we’ll hear from two STEM education experts and from two afterschool practitioners, the California Tinkering Afterschool Network and a statewide professional development provider, on how they differentiate instruction and staff training across the K-12 grade span. Register

Raising a Generation of Innovators: The How and Why of Promoting Creativity in Children
September 2016
Creativity is a fundamental skill in today’s rapidly changing world. In this webinar, experts from the Center for Childhood Creativity will lead participants in an interactive session exploring seven critical components of creativity that are essential for children to develop as they learn to think creatively, work creatively with others, and creating innovative solutions to problems.

Level the Field in Computer Science with Girls Who Code
September 2016
Coding and computer science are hot topics in the education world—as necessary skills for the 21st century, as opportunities to access a growing job market, and as relevant hooks to engage today’s youth. Curious to know how afterschool programs can get involved? Join this webinar to find out! 

Results Matter – Closing the Achievement Gap
September 2016
This webinar series will explore “Results Matter: Closing the Achievement Gap for Students with Special Needs”. After decades of legislation, litigation, research, professional development, and an alphabet soup of acronyms, the achievement gap remains stubbornly wide. What is the road map to close this gap? The first webinar will look at Results Driven Accountability, Dr. Alan Coulter. These 90-minute webinars are offered at no charge by PresenceLearning. All attendees eligible to receive a professional development certificate of attendance.

NGCP: The Importance of a Growth Mindset: Action Steps for Educators
September 2016
Having a growth mindset can lead to positive changes in our educational system. Access to education for everyone depends on the shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. In this webinar we will discuss the effects that micromessages can have on underrepresented youth and present steps we can take to be more inclusive in STEM education and careers. Key issues and barriers that affect underrepresented youths’ access to and persistence in STEM will be discussed.

Lights On Afterschool: Planning and Messaging for STEM Events
We all know that afterschool programs are a great way to get children and youth excited about STEM and should be integral partners in STEM education. If you’re looking for ideas and suggestions for how to talk compellingly about your STEM programs and put together a STEM-themed Lights On Afterschool event, this webinar is for you!

A Parent’s Role in ESSA Implementation provided by the National PTA gives an overview of ESSA and an introduction to engaging parents and families in the implementation process. Watch a 1 hour webinar

Lights On Afterschool Webinar Mini Series
Are you looking for ways to make sure that your Lights On Afterschool event showcases how afterschool programs can keep kids healthy and active by incorporating the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards? Or how you could leverage your Lights On Afterschool events to engage youth voice? Check out the entire series to learn more about making the biggest impact and utilizing what you already have in place.