Lights on Afterschool

Lights on Afterschool is the only annual nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities. The effort has become a hallmark of the afterschool movement and generates media coverage across the country. The events send a powerful message that millions more kids need quality afterschool programs.

Here's how you can celebrate:

Take the #LightbulbChallenge

Take a photo with your youth (in-person or on zoom) or have them take their own photos posing like a lightbulb. You can download our Lights On Zoom backgrounds if you’re meeting virtually. Post the photo(s) to social media with the hashtags #LightsOnAfterschool #LightbulbChallenge

Create Lightbulb Artwork

Have kids create their own lightbulb artwork, or make it a program challenge. Share their lightbulb creations on social media on October 28th using #LightsOnAfterschool and #LightsOnOR
Coloring pages can be found here and here.

Challenge Your Students to a Dance Challenge!!

  1. Have your youth create their own dance to “Light It Up – Remix” by Major Lazer (start at 0:43 seconds). Their dance can be freestyle, or choreographed, make sure to add a light bulb move!
  2. Record and share their dance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. Use these hashtags! #LightsOnAfterschool #LightsOnOR

Other ways to celebrate -

  • Plan an event using these tools and resources
  • Share information about Lights On Afterschool in your program such as these Lights On Afterschool materials, available online

Thank you for all you do to support youth, families and afterschool programs in your community and across Oregon! Let’s help keep the Lights On Afterschool for many years to come!!!

Check out last year's recording of our 9-state virtual townhall

View Governor Kate Brown's Proclamation for Lights on Afterschool 2020!

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