Excellence in Expanded Learning

OregonASK is proud to award our Excellence in Expanded Learning Award to honor the teachers, directors, and staff whose dedication supports the quality of experience in the field of expanded learning for kids. Each awardee receives a $50.00 gift from OregonASK and free registration for next year’s Oregon Afterschool Conference. If you would like to nominate someone, please send an inquiry to general@oregonask.org.


Terri Fackrell – June 2016

Terri most recently served as the Community Recreation Department Manager for Willamalane Park and Recreation District in Springfield, OR. Terri has almost 20 years of experience working with Park and Recreation departments around Oregon, serving at Willamalane since 2008.

Terri is not only dedicated to helping engage youth and families in her community through the great outdoors, she has also been a long time partner of OregonASK Expanded Learning Partnership. Terri has represented the Oregon Recreation and Parks Association on the Partner committee for 10 years!! We know it is easy to get caught up in the continuous ‘fires’ that arise from everyday programming, but we would like to recognize Terri for her commitment to the Network and the field of afterschool as a whole – Thank You Terri!

Bridget Wallace – May 2016

Bridget is the Site Coordinator at the 21st Century Community Learning Center at Ash Creek Elementary in Independence, Oregon. She has worked in the program for just two years and is running a very high quality program for the children and families at her school. The program at Ash Creek serves 60 students every session. It our pleasure to recognize Bridget for Excellence in Expanded Learning.

Bridget is a highly organized and efficient program coordinator. The systems she has in place for routines and expectations set the students up for success. Her posted schedules are kid-friendly and inviting. Students know what to expect, how to transition between activities, and what to do when they get to the next thing. Behavior management is an almost universal struggle in afterschool. At Ash Creek, it’s just not. They spend less time managing transitions and more time doing the important stuff-having fun, creating, and learning.

Bridget not only coordinates the program, but is also an instructor. She is a champion at teaching STEM lessons in afterschool. She understands that children need to experience STEM and not just hear about it. She lets the students get messy, collaborate, and ask questions. Bridget also builds time into each STEM lesson for the students to reflect on what they learned. This is where the real learning happens. She goes above and beyond by seeking out opportunities to take classes and training that expand her skills, bringing new content back to her program.

The students in the Ash Creek program get to choose from a variety of club-style enrichment classes. These vary from session to session but include great opportunities like Cooking, the Kindness Club (one day they made bookmarks with inspirational messages and hid them in the school library books), and a Digital Photography club. The students love the clubs and are clamoring to participate in all of them.

Bridget shares the program activities with the larger school community by maintaining a large, colorful bulletin board in the school hallway. Students, families, and school staff can see the opportunities being offered, examples of student work, pictures of happy kids, and what’s coming next. This is a fantastic way to communicate the great work being done in afterschool. It inspires others to join in on the fun.

Thank you, Bridget, for operating a program that is safe, fun, and inspires children to learn and create!

Colin Crane-Smith – February 2016

Colin joined Airway Science for Kids, Inc. in May 2015 and has taken off in his role as ASK’s Lead Instructor. He facilitates InFlight Classes at PCC – Cascade with middle and high school youth, introducing them to flight through simulation and guiding them in Science, Technology, Engineering, Aviation arts, and Math activities. His enthusiasm and creativity allow him to engage students in exciting topics such as the physics of flight, as well as important leadership and life skills.

This year Colin also taught ASK’s first groups of elementary aged youth, leading classes of first and second grade students in an aviation based curriculum to much success. He also facilitated the MIT Zero Robotics computer programing camp this summer with 10 middle school youth from the N/NE Portland community who placed 2nd in the regional competition.

As Airway Science for Kids, Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds, Colin has been key to maintaining a high quality of programing for the growing population of Airway Science students and staff. When he isn’t teaching, he mentors new ASK Instructors in curriculum and program implementation, ensuring fidelity and continuity while providing tremendous support to instructors new to Airway Science for Kids, Inc.

OregonASK is proud to honor Colin and all he does for afterschool with the first Excellence in Expanded Learning Award, meant to honor the teachers, directors, and staff whose dedication supports the quality of experience in the field of expanded learning for kids. Along with the award itself, Colin will receive $50.00 from OregonASK and free registration for next year’s Oregon Afterschool Conference.