Inclusion Base Camp

Participant Requirements

  • Must work in or directly support K-12 program
  • Participants commit to attend trainings (at least 80% live), complete pre-work and reflection components on a weekly basis
  • Participants must complete individual session evaluations throughout the series and a post-cohort survey
  • Create a plan for applying knowledge through systematic implementation in program/organization
  • Licensed child care staff may be eligible for the Betty Gray Cohort scholarship to cover $100 of the cost (see below for requirements and deadlines)


Scholarships are available through the Betty Gray Early Childhood Scholarship at the Oregon Center for Career Development (OCCD) for staff of licensed childcare facilities. To use a Betty Gray Scholarship with this regular cohort, participants must be at an Oregon Reigstry Step 1-8. 

When submitting your scholarship application, please be sure to select “Cohort” in Section 2 of the application. Be sure to submit your scholarship application to OCCD as soon as possible to ensure you receive your Approval Letter from OCCD prior to the cohort starting.

If you have already received your scholarship from OCCD or you have applied and believe you will receive it soon, you may use the code OCCD22 to receive the discounted price for registration. Participants registered using the scholarship price must submit Approval Letter to OregonASK in order to secure their spot in the cohort. 

Workshop Sessions Information:

Participants will examine the experience of youth with disabilities in their program, will be able to explain Person-First Language (PFL) and Identify-First Language (IFL) and will understand the basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508.

Set 1 | SN | 2 hours

Participants will learn the benefits of partnering with both families and community resources. We will explore what questions are okay and not okay to ask, and the most effective way to gather information. 

Set 2 | SN | 2 hours

In this session, participants will identify what behavior is and is not. We will investigate the ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) cycle of behavior.

Set 2 | HGD | 2 hours

In this session, participants will learn ways to go beyond just reasonable accommodations to create ones that are respectful. We will explore sensory, visual, physical, auditory, and physical accommodations. Participants will develop a list of accommodations to implement in their program(s).

Set 2 | SN | 2 hours

Participants will use a Trauma-Informed Lens to practice applying 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. They will also examine opportunities for incorporating coping and calming strategies for youth in their afterschool or summer program(s).

Set 2 | HSN | 2 hours

Participants will use knowledge and strategies from the previous sessions to create an implementation process for integrating intentional inclusive practices.

Set 3 | SN | 3 hours

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