Day at the Capitol

Generally speaking, elected officials and their staff from all levels make policy. Whether on a school board, city council, state representative or in the US Congress, elected officials are able to appropriate money for afterschool programs through school, city, state and federal budgets. They also decide how funds can be used, what training or support may be offered, and what activities should take place in afterschool programs they fund. They are the policy makers.

It is also the job of these policy makers to represent you – the constituents who voted them into office. Therefore your opinion on issues is extremely important to them.

One way to show policy makers your support for afterschool is to participate in our annual Day at the Capitol. Each year, we invite programs from all over Oregon to the State Capitol in Salem for a day of performances, presentations, and visits with individual legislators. This is a great opportunity to show the full force of afterschool and summer programs in Oregon!

Save the Date to Join Us April 15th, 2021 in Salem!

Check out a few pictures from past years events!