OregonASK is proud to offer training on a variety of content and curricula that aligns with Oregon Center for Career Development (OCCD) and the Oregon Registry Online (ORO). You may fill out this Training Request Form or contact with questions about curricula and training.

Prysm Art Curriculum

This comprehensive arts training will model process based, fun, and engaging projects that will give you everything you need to explore 2D and 3D visual artpuppetry and performancesound and motion, as well as animation and film. The training will also provide practice for authentic, culturally responsive and youth-centered engagement strategies.  After training completion, participants will receive the full four week curriculum with extensions to keep your art program fun and exciting for youth into the future.

Health and Wellness Curriculum Overview

In this session participants will be introduced to various evidenced-based Health and Wellness curriculums. Participants will compare the features of each curriculum, including age range, standards, and how well it can fit into their program.

Comics: Stories in Pictures and Words

Attendees will explore content, concepts, and lessons from the Comics: Stories in Pictures and Words Curriculum  which has 9 weeks of lessons beginning with basic story construction, developing setting and characters, exploring how sequential art works, and creating comics ranging from one panel to a full multi-page project. This curriculum is available for k-2, 3-5, and 6-12.

Storybook Art

Participants will explore strategies and tools to make works of art based on children’s story books. They will practice techniques with materials for making projects and discuss how teaching style may relate to how their students relate to reading.

S.INQ: Science Inquiry in Elementary Afterschool Programs

In these hands-on, minds-on sessions participants will explore the engineering design process from activities in the S.INQ curriculum. Participants will explore questioning strategies, develop strategies for encouraging reflection, and examine strategies for engaging typically underserved youth.

Five S.INQ Units are available:

  • Using Scientific Inquiry to Explore Engineering Design
  • Using Scientific Inquiry to Explore Invisible Forces
  • Using Scientific Inquiry to Explore Mechanical Engineering
  • Using Scientific Inquiry to Explore the Science of Sound
  • Using Scientific Inquiry to Explore Wind

S.INQ UP: Science Inquiry in Middle School Afterschool Programs

In these training sessions, participants will explore through hands-on Science Inquiry Challenges designed for middle school youth. There are three units of S.INQ Up:

  • S.INQ UP: Science Inquiry for Middle School – Careers
  • S.INQ UP: Science Inquiry for Middle School – Earth and Space Sciences
  • S.INQ Up Science Inquiry for Middle School –Energy Inventors Curriculum

Makers Box: Origami & Math for School Aged Youth

Curriculum is a Makers Box style curriculum that sets challenges for school age exploration of Common Core aligned Math with the fun of creating folded paper in the traditional Japanese method.

Service to Careers 

Students will be participating in service learning in this facilitated Service to Careers model that offers youth-centered problem solving and teamwork. This curriculum is meant to offer youth an opportunity to decide on a community that they would like to serve, identifying a problem that they see, and then coming up with possible solutions themselves. Youth can utilize representatives from your local workforce board to interview about who’s out there doing similar work that may inform their projects. They will also have the opportunity to contact local organizations as they develop their projects. Youth will implement their plans to serve their community, reflect on the experience and celebrate the process.

Mizzen by Mott

Mizzen by Mott is a new app that helps afterschool programs support kids – wherever they are. Get hands-on activities that foster well-being and learning in arts, STEM, storytelling, music, yoga, and youth voice. Supported by the Mott Foundation, Mizzen is free to download from your favorite app store – get it now!

For a full list of current training and curricula check out our winter 2020/2021 training catalog

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