Best and Promising Practices

Best Practices

Best Practices in afterschool are specific practices that facilitate positive outcomes for children and youth and promote high-quality standards for afterschool programming. Best practices are research based and evaluated to show a positive impact on child and youth outcomes.

Promising Practices

Promising Practices are tools or models that, based on repetition and experience, have shown to be effective.

Promising practices encompass a broad range of topics from curriculum planning to payment procedures. They include all those things that go on every day and help make positive, high quality programs. You can look at promising practices to see what has worked successfully and adapt those practices to meet the needs of their program.

The following links are to promising practices that you can use as a guide to develop or improve your out-of-school time program. Please, read the practices carefully and thoroughly examine each practice before implementing it in your program to ensure it meets the needs of the children and families you serve. Have fun exploring!

Resource Links

The AED Center for Youth Development has generated a list of Promising Practices in Afterschool (PPAS) into a database which also accepts regular submissions from around the word. To search their website, visit

Community and Family Involvement


National Summer Learning


National Service Resources

Staffing and Training

National Institute on Out of School Time


The Harvard Family Research Project

National Education Association

Public Policy/Advocacy Policy