Afterschool Access & Equity Focus Groups

Traveling Oregon to Hear from Parents and Youth

In the fall of 2017, OregonASK convened our first focus groups with youth talking about accessibility to opportunities they are interested in and their sense of belonging to programs they are in. From there, we convened a group of stakeholders to form our Data Design Team that helped us determine what our objectives and methods would be for our Afterschool Access & Equity Research Project.

In the fall 2018, we went out on the road again with our clarified objectives, questions and focus group protocols to talk with youth and parents around Oregon. We have already visited; McMinnville, Klamath Falls, Cow Creek Tribal Community Center, Umatilla, Pendleton, Eugene, Gold Beach,  and Independence. In January, we will be hosting groups in the Portland Metro region and Woodburn.

We will be creating an interim report in February 2019 to help synthesize what we have heard so far and share our message with key decision makers throughout the state. We will continue to partner with local programs, regional Hubs, and state agency representatives to reach a broad, representative sampling of families from around the state.

Klamath Falls on October 18th –  Participant Youth, Participant and Non-Participant Parent Groups

Cow Creek Tribal Community Center on October 19th – Participant Youth, Participant and Non-Participant Parent Interviews

Umatilla on October 23rd – Youth Participant Group & Participant Parent Interviews

Pendleton High School on October 24th – Youth Non-Participant Group

Eugene on November 15th – Participant Parent Interviews

Gold Beach on December 11th – Participant Youth Group, Participant and Non-Participant Parent Interviews

Independence on December 13th – Non-Participant Youth and Parent Groups

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