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The focus of our Afterschool Conference this year, Choose Your Own Adventure, will support program directors and front line staff in providing engaging, enriching, and educational adventures for youth around Oregon. We will inspire you with new ideas and provide you with opportunities to engage in intriguing conversations as you choose your own adventurous path.

You will Choose Your Own Path this year as we offer discussions & workshop sessions in Social-Emotional Learning, STEAM, Family Engagement, Increasing Equity & Addressing Bias, Behavior Management, Program Management and more! ALL sessions AND the keynote will be linked to the Oregon Registry.


8:00 am Registration Opens
9:00 am Conference Starts
9:15 am Keynote in Auditorium with Andrea Hoban
10:45 am Break
11:00 am Campfire Discussions
12:00 pm Lunch and Exhibitors
1:00 pm Sessions
3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm SessionsKeynote Flyer FINAL

Campfire Discussions

This year, we want to give everyone a chance to share with one another and ask questions of ‘experts’ from the field about a variety of topics. Each conversation will have time for personal reflection as part of the session, to think about taking new ideas back to implement in your program. Please make sure to select your ideal discussion topic during registration to help make sure each campfire has enough firewood to keep the discussion bright.

  • Working with Museums (Set 1 FCS) Join this discussion about partnering with local museums to see how you can make the most of this wealth of knowledge and expertise. Museum partners will share about their own existing resources, and strategies for building mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Quality Licensed and Exempt Programs (Set 1 PM) What makes a program high quality? This conversation will discuss the benefits and challenges with being a licensed school age program, and how to utilize a quality framework whether license or exempt.
  • Recognizing and Interrupting Bias  (Set 1 DIV) We want to help participants understand how bias, even unintended biases, can change the environment & impact youth. Learn to recognize our own bias and learn strategies for dealing with bias in our day to day lives
  • Choosing the Right STEM/STEAM Curricula (Set 1 LEC) What programmatic concepts and components of any STEM/STEAM curricula are most important in finding the right fit for your program? How to do you connect it with the school day, NGSS, and more.
  • Supporting Gender Identity Development  (Set 1 DIV) Participants will discuss strategies for working to develop supportive environments for gender variant youth and how to build programming that is inclusive and welcoming to the gender variant youth experience.
  • Preparing Youth for the Future (Set 1 FCS) This discussion will focus on how can afterschool programs can support youth to build skills and understanding for the future workforce. What opportunities can you make available to help connect with workforce, particularly starting in elementary or middle school?
  • Connecting School & Afterschool Wellness (Set 1 HSN) Join this conversation about utilizing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in your program to connect and support School Wellness Policies. Learn more about the policies and standards in place to support healthy youth.
  • Intercultural Relevancy  (Set 1 DIV) We will focus on building a culturally relevant environment in your afterschool program. Participants will discuss and learn strategies for including and reflecting the diversity of your community within your program.
  • Developing Youth Voice (Set 1 HGD) We will discuss building a responsive environment where youth can see their own voices reflected in the program and look for opportunities to for authentically engage youth, no matter what level of influence you have within your program.

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